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Return of the Hummingbirds!

Ruby Throated migration is an amazing thing and their return is an exciting time! After a long cold winter it means spring is finally here when we see the hummingbirds return.

A lot of people ask us where they are in their migration. Its not easy to follow hummingbirds but we found a site that does just that. It has this years migration patterns and dates and you can even go back a few years as well.

If you are waiting on the ruby throated hummingbird migration this map should help. In the meantime make sure you have ample supply of hummingbird food to help them recoup from their long journey! Click here to order online now.


Journey North Maps – Hummingbirds and more

One of the best Hummingbird tracking maps is no longer available, but historical data is still available on that site.

Hummingbird Migration Maps Historical Data