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The Secret Garden

If you follow the brick pathway on the side of the Bird Store you will find yourself in the Secret Garden.  A place of serenity and whimsy combined!  The brick pathway carries you along past a pond and waterwheel, birdbaths and garden ornaments displayed in their natural landscape to the “Cuckoo Clock Shed”, a masterful cockeyed creation built by Bill the Bird Store’s owner.  Take a look inside the Shed and you will find even more treasures.

The “Cuckoo Clock Shed” houses the largest cuckoo clock in New England.  Bill has built that too.  It’s a work in progress, you will have to check back and enjoy the garden again to see updated versions of the cuckoo bird, its sure to make your day!

If you are having a bad day, you can’t help but smile!  Suffering from Nature Deficit?  Help yourself to a seat in the garden and enjoy the beauty around you.  The birds are singing and enjoying the sampling of birdseed provided by the many feeders in the garden, squirrels and chipmunks scurry busily back and forth entertaining visitors.

If you’re a Geocacher we invite you to search for the Gargoyle cache in the garden.

Our goal is to help you enjoy our little slice of heaven!

Enter The Bird Store through the side door and you will find yourself overwhelmed by the offerings in the store.  There is something here for everyone!