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The W250 Auto Waterer De-icer utilizes multiple thermostats for efficient operation without overheating. Created specifically for automatic waterers/drinkers, but can be used in buckets, tanks and bird baths. Suitable for up to 30 gallons. The low-profile, finned design provides a large surface area, allowing the de-icer to run cooler while putting out the same amount of heat as conventional de-icers. The durable, coated aluminum base has a non-stick coating for easy cleanup and less mineral buildup. Safe for use in plastic buckets or tanks. 6-foot cord. LOCKNDRY compatible. 250 Watts, 120 Volts. cULus Listed. One year warranty. Large surface area for cooler operation Multiple thermostats for safe, optimized control Coated aluminum base, safe for use in plastic tanks Over-temperature protection 6' cord. cULus Listed