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Attract many types of birds to your yard with this Birds Choice Seed Cylinder Feeder. The weatherguard top provides protection for the seed cylider and your birds from the rain. There are 6 perches to give multiple birds the opportunity to eat at one time. Seed Cylinders are a fast, easy, less mess way to feed your birds. They are suitable for both clinging birds and perching birds. They are less messy than traditional feeders because the birds have to work at getting each seed pulled out from the seed block. The birds aren't as likely to grab seed and fly away to eat it. They sit in the same place longer so you can get a better look at them and it takes significantly longer for the birds to eat through the seed. The weatherguard will protect your seed cylinder from rain. It also protects the birds as they eat. Seed cylinder is not included. Acrylic weatherguard top 6 metal perches Acrylic base with drain holes Center rod holds any size seed or suet cylinder Easy to fill and clean Seed cylinder NOT INCLUDED