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It is believed to reduce stress and increase alertness and stamina. Olympic and other athletes use pollen as a low calorie protein source and as a quick, yet sustained source of energy.

A very few people are allergic to bee pollen. It is suggested that people start taking small amounts of Bee Pollen and gradually increase the amount until they are taking one to two teaspoonfuls daily. If allergic symptoms occur, temporarily decrease the amount taken. Soon the symptoms will disappear.

What does it taste like? Bee Pollen looks like tiny yellow, tan, orange and brown balls. It varies in taste depending on the plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and grasses from which it comes. It has a sweet nut-like, natural flavor. It can be eaten alone and chased with water or mixed in a smoothie or put on cereal (hot or cold).

What does it contain? Pollen will have differing amounts of nutrients depending on its source. It contains essential amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes for all around good health and nutrients to build the immune system to help make you immune to the pollen in the air.